Venture Heat – Heated Jackets & Vests

Venture Heat has a complete suite of heated motorcycle jackets and general use vests and hoodies for skiing or winter sports. Our heated motorcycle jackets use the most innovative heating technologies without comprising on comfort or fit. Our heated jacket range can connect directly to your motorcycle as well as other heated clothing to keep you warm while you ride.

In addition to motorcycle heated clothing (12v), we also have a range of lithium battery powered heated products – these are hugely popular skiiers, ski instructors, hikers and people who generally suffer from cold weather.

Our jackets can be powered by the following methods:

  • 12v motorcycle (vehicle) powered gloves
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • 12v / battery hybrid

Our product range

  • Deluxe Heated Motorcycle Jacket
  • Heated Motorcycle Jacket liner Lite
  • Motorcycle Heated Vest Liner
  • Escape Heated Soft Shell Jacket
  • Evolve Heated Hoodie
  • Heated Puffer Vest



Product Applications

Our heated clothing can be used for everything… From keeping you warm on a ski instructor course to just general warmth in winter – find out more below.


Ride your motorcycle longer without getting cold, regardless of time of year.

Winter Sports

The perfect product for skiers and snowboarders who suffer from the windchill on exposed mountains

Circulation Problems

If you suffer from raynaud’s disease or bad circulation, let Venture Heat clothing keep you warm