Venture Heat – Heated Gloves

Venture Heat offer a full range of heated gloves for almost all use cases, from motorcycling to skiing. Venture heated gloves utilise the most advanced heating technologies while providing incomparable comfort and fit. Venture motorcycle heated glove range connects directly to your motorcycle to keep you warm, while our lithium powered battery heated range can be used from everything to walking to snowboarding. The heated gloves are also great for people who suffer from the cold, with hundreds of Raynaud’s disease suffers choosing to use Venture Heat gloves each winter.

Venture heated gloves can be powered by a range of different sources:

  • 12v motorcycle (vehicle) powered gloves
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • 12v / battery hybrid

Our product range

  • Hybrid Heated Motorcycle Gloves
  • Carbon Heated Motorcycle Gloves
  • Heated Leather Gloves
  • Alt Battery Heated Gloves
  • Heated Glove Liners (12v and battery)
  • OHM Battery Heated Mittens


Product Applications

Find out some of the most popular reasons people buy our heated gloves


Ride your motorcycle longer without getting cold, regardless of time of year.

Winter Sports

The perfect product for skiers and snowboarders who suffer from the windchill on exposed mountains

Circulation Problems

If you suffer from raynaud’s disease or bad circulation, let Venture Heat clothing keep you warm